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Stephen Amell Jabs Back at John Cena’s Green Arrow Slam on ‘Peacemaker’

So that's a no on Green Arrow showing up on 'Peacemaker'?

oliver in the rubble crisis

One of Peacemaker‘s most reliable running jokes is the character’s belief that members of the Justice League all harbor secret fetishes. Whether it’s Superman and scat play or Aquaman f-cking fish, Chris (John Cena) has a highly specific, explicit slam for every major DC superhero, which he delivers with the utmost commitment and misplaced confidence. In the final episode of season one, Chris drops his latest bonkers theory, this time on Green Arrow.

While surveilling the farm, Chris jokes that Green Arrow “goes to brony conventions dressed as the back half of Twilight Sparkle with a four-inch-wide butthole drilled in the costume.” Adebayo (Danielle Brooks) calls him out saying, “he has an insane story for every superhero”, but this time Economos (Steve Agee) actually agrees with Peacemaker, saying “No, I actually heard that’s true about Green Arrow.”

Now, Green Arrow himself has clapped back at Cena and ‘Peacemaker’ via Twitter. Amell, who spent 8 seasons playing Oliver Queen/Green Arrow on the CW’s Arrow, currently appears in the Starz drama Heels, where he plays a professional wrestler. Cena of course spent years as a WWE wrestler, becoming one of its biggest stars before making the leap to film and TV roles.

When asked if he saw the episode, Amell tweeted “Haven’t seen it. Too busy showing Cena what professional wrestling should actually look like on tv.”

This is a funny clapback, although Amell might be taking things a little too personally. It wasn’t Cena making the crack, it was his character. I mean, if he’s going to have beef with anybody, it should be with James Gunn who wrote the joke. After all, Jason Momoa was able to take the Aquaman jokes head-on in his hilarious cameo. News coverage of Amell’s response has been similarly hilarious, like this explainer from Deadline’s article on the tweet:

“For the uninitiated, a Brony is a male fan of the television series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Princess Twilight Sparkle is a horse. A butthole is…well, you know.”

What a time to be a superhero fan, what a time to be a celebrity on Twitter, what a time be alive.

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