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Steampunk MP3 Player and USB Drives Bring Us One Step Closer to a Steampunk Life

We’ve already seen a steampunk cellphone and an entire steampunk apartment, so it seems like only a matter of time until all of our modern day luxuries have been dragged back into an alternate 1890. Will Rockwell is doing his best to help with that process. In addition to creating more far out things like a Spirit Harvester, Rockwell has effectively steampunked up an MP3 player and a variety of USB drives.

All of his intricate creations are up for sale at his Etsy shop, but beware, they don’t come cheap; the cheapest steampunk USB drive you’ll be able to get goes for $70 and most of the others are upwards of $100. Looking at them and drooling a little bit, however, is free.

You can see the prices and even more pictures at Rockwell’s Etsy shop.

(via Bit RebelsWill Rockwell)

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