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The Star Wars Recap to Entice Reluctant Viewers

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YouTuber Tom F has created a super-cool recap of the Star Wars film saga so far, though it functions more as a trailer for the whole universe than a traditional catch-up video. It doesn’t spoil too many plot points, with the exception of revealing that Anakin Skywalker goes to the Dark Side. (Honestly, I’m not marking that for spoilers at this point.) And it really captures the feel and the central themes of the world.

I actually wish I’d had this around a few years ago, when I first met a bunch of friends who’d never seen Star Wars before, and I tried to convince them why they should watch it. Since they weren’t particularly into science fiction, I wasn’t particularly successful (we played A New Hope in the background of a party), and I feel like this would’ve been far more effective than my rambling in getting them hyped.

More importantly, I wish Kelly Marie Tran had it on hand when she tried to slyly convince her dad to watch Star Wars (before she could tell him she’d gotten the part of Rose Tico). Alas, he initially said, “Ughhh, I hate movies like that. I don’t know why people go see sci-fi movies.” But maybe this trailer could have brought him around?

Is there a franchise or a specific movie you’ve typically avoided that someone could maybe convince you to watch with a well-cut trailer? Like, could you cut a Rick & Morty trailer that helps new viewers get past the toxic fandom? Or a book trailer for Infinite Jest that would make me forget the face of every man who’s ever recommended it to me? My instinctive approach to convince people to watch a thing is either enthused essays, GIFs from Tumblr, or just plain insistence, but I feel like Tom F has tapped into some real potential here. Why should studios be the only ones who get to convince us to try something out?

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