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Relive the Climactic Moments of Star Wars: The Last Jedi in LEGO and Pixel Animation

Star Wars: The Last Jedi had not one, but several climactic scenes to go with a few of its various, intertwining storylines, and you might have left the theater (after your first, third, or however many viewings) wishing you could recapture the rush without buying another movie ticket. Until the home video release arrives, we’ll have to rely on some clever animators to make that happen, and a few have answered our distress call so far.

The above video, from Huxley Berg Studios, uses LEGO and stop motion animation to recreate the throne room scene, wherein Kylo Ren betrays Snoke, and they fight the Supreme Leader’s Praetorian Guard together. Sadly, it doesn’t include the entire fight scene, but it does get up to the part where Rey and Kylo are so in sync that they move in unison while back-to-back.

Then, below, the battle between Luke’s Force projection and Kylo Ren is fully recreated in SNES-like pixel art by animator John Stratman, down to the little details like Luke’s lack of footprints and the blue lightsaber he chose to taunt his rage-prone nephew.

There was also a full version of Kylo and Rey’s battle, set to “Immigrant Song”, as Thor: Ragnarok reminded us that everything should be, but Disney’s snipers seem to have gotten to it pretty quickly, since all the footage in it was straight from the movie. For now, we’ll have to stick with animation, and there’s plenty more material for it where this came from. Luke’s not the only one who got a stylish exit from the franchise, after all. Anyone up to the task of recreating that Holdo scene?

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