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You Want to Find Kenari (the Latest Planet in the ‘Star Wars’ Universe)? It Won’t Be Easy. But Here’s Everything We Know

I'm the internet's greatest fucking detective.

Star Wars Andor Cassian and B2EMO
Do you know, little guy?

You’d have better luck finding Atlantis.

Seriously, there’s more information on El Dorado than there is on this place. You’d have better luck trying to find Shangri-La, one of the Seven Cities of Gold, the Fountain of Youth, the Holy Grail, or Wakanda (just go to Wakandacon) than you would trying to find Kenari. See, unlike Atlantis, which motherfucking Plato was writing about 2,000 years ago, the mysterious planet from Star Wars: Andor, is basically unheard of.

But lucky for you, I’m the internet’s greatest fucking detective.

Here’s what we know about Kenari

Cassian Andor in 'Star Wars: Andor'

Alright, so apparently the main character of Andor, this dude named Cassian, is from Kenari. It’s a Mid Rim world that isn’t well known or well explored, but it does have a native tribe of forest-dwelling people, and Cassian (or “Kassa” as he is called by his people) is from that tribe.

A peep at the first episode of Andor will show you that The Empire was able to find Kenari, and they used the planet for some sort of mining operation (which was no doubt harmful for the planet’s native population). The planet was later quarantined by The Empire as a result of a “mining accident”—which caused deadly chemicals to be released all across Kenari’s surface. In a flashback, we see that the Empire was working with some of those nasty substances, and that it caused an Empire ship to crash land on the planet after (almost) all the engineers onboard died after being exposed to it.

So, basically, the Empire is doing some nefarious shit, not unlike when they destroyed Planet Jedha by mining it for kyber crystals to build the Death Star. But that’s all par for the course for The Empire. They are really good at finding and exploiting remote little places that other people haven’t found. I’m sure they could find El Dorado, but in this case, I really hope that it stays lost.

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