10 Awesome Things That Happened at the Star Trek: The Next Generation 25th Anniversary Reunion

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  1. It was LeVar Burton's birthday. Hundreds of Star Trek fans sang to him and the convention presented him with a cake. Actually, it was chocolate—not Troi-flavored.

  2. Brent Spiner put his children up to asking him about his funniest memory from working on TNG. He told a story about Jonathan Frakes stumbling through the bridge wall and leaving a Road Runner-esque hole in the set. 

  3. Sir Patrick Stewart, when asked which Shakespearean role best suited his cast-mates, answered that Jonathan Frakes, because of his boisterous personality, would be Nurse from Romeo and Juliet. Gates McFadden would be Hamlet, Burton would be The Duke of Gloucester, Marina Sirtis would play Macbeth, and Michael Dorn would play the fool from King Lear. Brent Spiner (the only Jewish actor in the cast), he said, ought to play Shylock. At this point Spiner launched into the famous "Hath not a Jew eyes?" speech from The Merchant of Venice

  4. When asked whether Star Trek would ever come back to television, Jonathan Frakes answered that not only he, but also William Shatner and Bryan Singer, had pitched a new Star Trek series to Paramount. They were all turned down. The studio apparently doesn't want to shift focus away from the current film series—which Frakes loves (and I agree with him). It's disappointing to know that there are virtually no plans in the works to bring Trek back to TV, but I'm glad to know that these people are still invested in trying to make it happen.

  5. When asked who they would cast in their own role in a J.J. Abrams-style reboot, Marina Sirtis answered Mila Kunis while Jonathan Frakes came up with the best/most obvious answer: Wil Wheaton

  6. Michael Dorn, a proud vegan, sheepishly confessed to doing a Velveeta commercial a while back wherein he said something to the effect of "Lovers love that liquid gold." 

  7. When asked about playing Locutus, Sir Patrick Stewart jokingly said that if he'd had it his way, he would've stayed a Borg, taken over the Enterprise, and the rest of the crew would be dead. 

  8. Marina Sirtis lambasted Jonathan Frakes for not casting her in any of his many directorial efforts. 

  9. The whole cast discussed how Sir Patrick Stewart set the tone for the entire show with his serious demeanor when Brent Spiner belted out an over-the-top reading of Picard’s "I SEE FOUR LIGHTS! I SEE FOUR LIGHTS!" speech from the episode “Chain of Command.”

  10. At the end of the night, Marina Sirtis thanked everyone on behalf of her cast mates. She pointed out how lucky they had all been to be able to do what they love for a living and how their lives, without Star Trek, wouldn’t be as good. It’s something they share with the fans. I can’t imagine what my life would’ve been like without Star Trek and without this cast specifically.

    In the final episode of The Next Generation, “All Good Things…,” Picard finds himself flashing twenty-five years into the future. The crew—his crew—has splintered. They’re all living their own lives and their days on the Enterprise are long behind them. Now, a quarter of a century in the actual future from the series premiere, the actors’ lives have changed. They’ve moved on. But, after all this time, like the characters they portrayed, they’re still happy to come back together.

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