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This Star Trek Swimsuit Line Lets You Hit the Beach Starfleet-Style

ThinkGeek's Star Trek Swimwear Line

It’s summertime, and that means swimsuit season. It also means … uh … Star Trek season? Okay, not really, but it seems only fair to assume that all of us want to look like Lieutenant Uhura everywhere we go, including when we’re swimming. So, what would she wear to a beach party with her colleagues? Probably this outfit, but if that isn’t available, she might go for this classic Star Trek-inspired one piece!

Think Geek’s got a whole new line of Star Trek swimsuits on offer, including the one-piece suits pictured above, as well as some other options. For example, there’s this long-sleeved lavender swim shirt reminiscent of Deanna Troi’s costume. The only downside to that one is that it doesn’t come with any bottoms. It looks like they expect you to just wear it over a swimsuit you already have, but it’d be nice if it came with some lavender swimsuit bottoms to match, or at least a plain black pair.

If you’d like a different variety of swimsuit cover-up, the line includes this subtle golden-brown romper, which looks like it’d match perfectly with the uniform-inspired suits pictured above. Overall, the line does a great job of showcasing the Star Trek logos and aesthetic without looking like a full-on cosplay at the beach. I mean, not that there’s anything wrong with literally cosplaying at the beach. But if you want your Star Trek fandom to be understated enough that only a keen-eyed fellow fan will recognize it, these swimsuits seem like they provide the perfect balance.

Interestingly, ThinkGeek’s line only includes feminine options, so non-ladies might be out of luck when it comes to showing off their Trek pride an the waterfront. The closest I can find when it comes to other options for Star Trek swimwear are these Starfleet Academy mesh shorts, which could probably serve as board shorts in a pinch. Any other suggestions, folks?

(via ThinkGeek)

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