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The New Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer Teases Character Death in a Big Way, Because J.J. Abrams Hates Us and Wants Us to Suffer

To Boldly Go

This new Star Trek Into Darkness has Christopher “I Dare You To Better” Pike and the CumberVillain splitting voiceover duties, creating a one-two punch of monologues that really gives the impression that someone is going to die (even more than the tail end of that Japanese trailer did). Unless J.J. Abrams is messing with us, which I absolutely would not put beyond him. Heed the words of the Backstreet Boys, Abrams, and please, please, quit playing games with my heart.

The trailer, as well as various questions and comments inspired by it, are behind the cut. Feel free to leave your own in the comments. We’ll get through this together.

  • Why does Bones look like he’s about to cry in that one shot? What’s going on, Abrams? *lip trembles*
  • Star Trek Into Darkness: People Jumping Off Things…
  • … and Punching Each Other!
  • [Obligatory “Who is the CumberVillain, tell meeeee!” comment]
  • There can never be enough purposefully striding Uhura.
  • I’m glad Noel Clarke (seen in the trailer popping a Space Alka-Seltzer) wasn’t cut, as I seem to remember reading something a while back where he said he had a really small role and wasn’t sure he’d make it in? But he did. Long live Mickey Smith!
  • They’re not… they’re not actually going to kill Spock, are they? Or pull a switcheroo and kill Kirk instead? I don’t think they’d do the latter, what with him being the main character and all, but… Spock? Stay with us, Spock!

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