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New Spray Can Makes Clothes Permanently Clean

New anti-microbial technology, invented by Jason Locklin of the University of Georgia, can be used to keep clothes and other fabric based items permanently germ-free. As you may or may not know, this isn’t the first time technology like this has been invented, but Locklin’s iteration holds a few significant advantages over its predecessors. For instance, it can be applied easily via spray, it does not wash out, it does not require repeated applications to maintain effectiveness and, perhaps most importantly, it does not have to be applied during the manufacturing process like other similar technologies, so it will be effective when applied at any point during the shirt, pair of pants, or jockstrap’s life-cycle.

Of course, it’s a little bit of a logical jump to go from “germ-free” to “clean,” and the fact they’re testing this stuff in the wash probably means that it’s not going to put Maytag out of business any time soon. A germ-fee patch of dried mustard is still a patch of dried mustard after all. Still, some of the germs it is able to stop include the ones that cause stains and, more importantly, odors, so it may provide a better alternative to just turning your boxers inside out. Wonderful domestic uses aside, the technology is being considered most seriously for nobler pursuits, like keeping hospital linens uncontaminated and use in packaging of food and medical supplies. Nonetheless, I pine for the day that I can say “I’ll be right back, I’m going out to the store for a can of laundry,” or however people will say that in the future.

(via Science Daily)

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