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Love Poem Written Entirely with Song Titles

A fellow named Benjamin Oláh Lindholm came up with a clever, geeky way to show his affection for his girlfriend Elizabeth: He used digital music service Spotify to assemble twenty-six different song titles into a love poem. Who knew there was a song called “As“?

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The words: “Elizabeth / I Have Seen / The Last Day on Earth / I Have Seen / Santa’s Little Sleigh Bells / But, Honestly / It Doesn’t Matter / Because / Nothing Compares To You / In Your Eyes / I See / The Ocean / In Your Lips / I Feel Free / In Your Hair / I Can Feel / The Youth / Smooth / As / Silk / Over And Out / Your Protector / For All Time / I Hope / Your Boyfriend / Won’t Let You Down.”

(via Gizmodo)

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