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What Is This Green Sock Puppet Hand on the Spider-Man Set All About?

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So, this picture from the New York City set of The Amazing Spider-Man has been making the rounds and it’s left people wondering about Rhys Ifans‘ hand. Namely: Is that Kermit? (Answer: No. Probably not.) Let’s speculate the pants off of this.

We are officially ruling out a Kermit the Frog puppet. There is no reason for that in a Spider-Man movie. Even though Disney owns Marvel, and Disney owns the Muppets. But Kermit the Frog, as far as we know, does not appear in the Marvel canon. So this is a different green, be-ping-pong-balled creation.

The story of Curt Connors/The Lizard is that after his arm was amputated after a blast (while he was performing surgery on wounded GIs), he started experimenting with reptiles who regenerate their limbs. He then tried the experiment on himself (after a successful trial run with a rabbit) and turned into the Lizard. So maybe this is a partially-formed reptile limb.

Unless Rhys Ifans actually has a deformed or semi-amputated hand. In the original Star Trek series, James Doohan‘s right middle finger was amputated after a war injury, so he was filmed in a way that would always conceal his right hand. But now that it’s 2011, there are ways to fix this problem. Maybe they are computer generating a new hand for Rhys Ifans … Oh, he has full use of his hand? Okay. Moving on.

Maybe The Amazing Spider-Man is a working title. Maybe it’s really called Spider-Man: The Secret of the Ooze.

Maybe Rhys Ifans made the acting decision to be a college professor who uses puppets to teach.

Maybe that puppet is a Glow-Worm.

Maybe it’s Slimer.

(Or Kermit. Seriously — what is that pointy triangle-shaped thing at the top of his sleeve???)

Or maybe it’s just for reptilian villain special effects to be added later. That’s probably what that is. But this was fun!

(Pic from Bleeding Cool)

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