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What Are the Sparrow Academy’s Powers in Umbrella Academy?

How many traumatic childhoods can one house hold?

Umbrella Academy all Grown Up

The seven Hargreeves children have become very familiar after two seasons of Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy. Each sibling’s unique power and personality adds depth to the show. As dysfunctional as they are, they still make the team function—the world avoided destruction (twice) because these specific people came together.

During the second season, the siblings were transported to the past. After fixing the issues caused by the time displacement, they traveled back to their own time—or so they thought. Arriving back at their childhood home, they found another team in their place. In whatever alternate dimensions they caused, the Sparrow Academy replaced the Umbrella Academy. Now, six new supercharged siblings (and an alternate version of their deceased brother) are the heroes of the world. Here’s what we know about the new team and their powers so far.

The Sparrows

Sparrow Academy Posters

The Sparrows are set to be the focal point of the next volume of The Umbrella Academy comics, just as they’ll play a big part in the upcoming season of the Netflix series. That means we don’t have as much information to go on, to fill in the blanks of season 3 with speculation, as we do with most comic book adaptations. Still, we can talk about what we can guess based on what we’ve seen of them so far, both on the page and screen.

Number 1

Marcus Hargreeves leads his team with ease. Being a strong leader may be part of his power set. Described as a “colossus,” his physical strength may rival Luther’s powers. The comic book version of this character has super strength.

Number 2

Ben Hargreeves was the only familiar face among the new team. In the original timeline, Ben died on a mission while still a child in the Umbrella Academy. Yet, his ghost attached itself to his brother Klaus, living on while invisible to the rest of the world. The new Ben appeared rude and vicious, rather than the soft soul fans were used to. Ben did not show whether his power remained the same.

Number 3

Fei Hargreeves’ poster image showed heavy scarring around the eyes where sunglasses did not cover. Her power remains a mystery except for being very smart and seeing the world differently. One character in the comics can shoot lasers from their eyes, making this a possibility for Fei. Or she could be the one who turns into a murder of crows.

Number 4

Alphonso Hargreeves also looked heavily scarred. Besides being a crime fighter with a needling sense of humor, Alphonso has a special power. He can inflict harm and pain on others by doing damage to his own body.

Number 5

Sloane Hargreeves doesn’t have any ability indicators. One comic book counterpart had the power to heal. Sloane feels tied down to her family, so maybe a healing touch makes her feel obligated to stay close.

Number 6

Jayme Hargreeves doesn’t talk much, possibly because of her fear-inducing snarl.

Number 7

Christopher Hargreeves looked vastly different from the rest of the Hargreeves. Instead of a human form, Christopher is a floating cube. Still, he has powers to contribute to the family. Manipulating temperatures to freezing and telekinetically inducing paralyzing fear make him a member of the Sparrow Academy.

It remains to be seen how the original Umbrella kids will handle their new timeline. Just to start with, they have new siblings who appear to form a better and more functional team. Plus, their father, Reginald Hargreeves, is mysteriously still alive. We don’t yet know when to expect the team’s exploits in the comics, but season three of the Netflix series will premiere in 2022.

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