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Watch as the SpaceX Dragon Docks With the International Space Station

Yesterday it was only a tiny dot in the distance, but now SpaceX’s Dragon has moved inside the 200 meter wide “keep out sphere” around the International Space Station and is preparing to make history. In just a short while, it’s expected to move closer to the ISS, be plucked by the Canada arm, and become the first commercial spacecraft to berth with the station. Watch the livestream, right here.

Here’s the view from the International Space Station.

You can also click here to watch the NASA TV stream, or below.

Dragon was originally meant to be captured at 9:10 AM EDT, but a technical hiccup has slowed things down a bit. The approach appears to have resumed, and should be meet the Canada arm at 9:40 AM, subject to change of course.

(via NASA)

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