Space Junk WT1190F (WTF) Hit the Atmosphere Friday the 13th

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Connecticut-based organization Slooh had a special broadcast to look at the impact of space junk WT1190F, or WTF early this morning. The space junk, which splashed into the Indian Ocean off the coast of Sri Lanka, entered the atmosphere around 1:19 EST.

The European Space Agency said that it was likely a rocket body, and didn’t have enough mass to cause risk. The observation, ESA said, “could help scientists improve our understanding of how any object–man-made our natural–interacts with Earth’s atmosphere.”

You can watch Slooh host Paul Cox talk about space junk, the process, and the significance WTF on the Slooh website. Cox is incredibly excited and it’s contagious as well as very accessible and informative (although there are a couple moments of technical difficulties).

(via MassLive, Image via Slooh)

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