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Space Jam 2 Is Going to Be Gloriously Black as Hell

Can we get Serena Williams in this?

Space Jam

The two biggest generational divides in this country are feelings surrounding socialism, and Space Jam.

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Space Jam is one of my favorite movies of all time; I’ve watched it more times than I can count and have seen it bring people together in the most majestic ways. The theater was packed for a screening of the movie when I was in college. The love for this movie is real, despite its critical panning, so you can imagine the excitement when this image dropped, showing that Space Jam 2 was not only happening, but it was going to be black af.


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The natural person to pick up the mantle that Michael Jordan left behind, the greatest player in the game, LeBron James, is going to be our human lead. James has already proven himself to be a pretty damn good actor, so that will be a boon to the film. Ryan Coogler, fresh of Black Panther will serve as executive producer, and Terence Nance, who created HBO’s Random Acts of Flyness and directed the experimental film The Oversimplification of Her Beauty, will take on directing duties.

So, not only am I excited about this movie from my childhood coming back and being made by some really great creative people, but it’s being made by a black production team. Ryan Coogler using his clout and influence to make this movie might seem surprising. Why use your significant influence to make a Space Jam sequel? But Space Jam was the shit growing up. Michael Jordan wasn’t just an icon in sports; he was a black superstar, a superhero for young black kids, and now, LeBron James is bringing that back in a new way.

One of the things that you notice about Space Jam that is the background, but very present, is that Michael has this really cute black family. They don’t get many scenes, but they are normal, loving, and help save the Looney Tunes. You get to watch little black kids helps save the day. That is meaningful.

James wanting to be in this project isn’t just a great business and branding move; it’s about helping to create that same escapism and sense of black fun for once again for young kids of today. That also shows through in the other series he has been using his production company to create, according to The Hollywood Reporter:

“NBC and The CW both announced scripted series with him. HBO already has several on tap, including Student Athlete, about college players going unpaid while their universities make millions, and a Muhammad Ali documentary directed by Antoine Fuqua. Meanwhile, Netflix is in production on a reboot of the British crime drama Top Boy (with Drake) and the limited series Madam C.J. Walker, starring Octavia Spencer as the real-life daughter of slaves who became the first black female millionaire.”

Space Jam may not have been High Art, and yes, it ignored all the rules of basketball and physics, but it was fun. Plus, the fact that James and Coogler can make this passion project shows that black creatives can invest in things that they just like, for no other reason than fun, which is awesome. Black nerd culture is resurrecting Space Jam. Next stop: a proper live action Dragon Ball Z. 

Not to mention Lola Bunny is an icon, and we want her to get the glory she deserves. Also, if we could get Serena Williams in this, that would be dope. Or you know what? She can get her own Space Jam movie, directed by Ava DuVernay.

We good.


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