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Social Backdrops Make It Look Like You're Video Chatting From a Windows 95 Desktop

I don’t video chat much because I am completely aware that no one wants to see my ugly mug or the ugly mess of a room competing for prominence behind me. If you feel the same way, StarScreen Social Backdrops are coming to the rescue to help you solve at least that second problem. But only if you’re into irony. Or oblivious to ridiculousness. You see, StarScreen Social Backdrops are giant pictures you can strap to your chair to “[give] your chat buddy the illusion you’re in a fresh and exotic environment.” Not an environment like a clean room. No, an environment like the beach, or Egypt, or in the ocean. Basically, the illusion you’re chatting from a Windows 95 Desktop with one of the pre-loaded nature backgrounds.

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As you might expect, these frivolous monstrosities are available via SkyMall for the low, low price of $29.99. Of course, if you’re going to really commit to this, you’ll probably want to pick up several. I mean, there’s quite the variety. For instance, you can make them think that you’re…

…inexplicably in front of a waterfall that inexplicably has Internet access!

…inexplicably sitting in the hallway at an inexplicably unoccupied office!

…inexplicably floating over the water in the tropics!

…inexplicably on site for a shot-for-shot remake of North by Northwest!

Buy one today, folks. The novelty definitely won’t wear off.

(via Bit Rebels)

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