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Whistle While You Collect the Bounty on Han Solo’s Head With This Snow-ba Fett Cosplayer

"He's no good to me dopey."

boba fett 2

See, we keep saying that we’re tired of Disney Princess mashups, and then we see new ones and we get excited all over again. Case in point: this fantastically interpreted Mandalorian armor by cosplayer Amber Arden at Anime Expo.

I don’t know if the real Snow would take to the bounty hunter trade so lightly (seems like more of an Ariel thing if you ask me—she is a bit of a collector), but I do know that I’d be willing to read all the crossover fanfiction the Internet can write about it. Also, the dwarves should definitely be droids if you ask me. I call dibs on cosplaying SLEE-P3o.

Here’s another shot sans-helmet:

boba fett

Hairbows for every contingency. I like your style, friend.

(via Fashionably Geek, images via Estrada Photography)

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