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I Want to Take SNL’s Parody Masterclasses With “Phoebe Waller-Bridge” and “John Mulaney”


SNL Masterclass with Phoebe Waller-Bridge and John Mulaney

Saturday Night Live has been filling our Saturdays with fun sketches from inside the homes of our favorite cast members. Honestly, I would take interviews from Chloe Fineman’s neighbors and what they think she’s doing every day outside. But last week came with the season finale of Saturday Night Live, and while we got sketches about letting kids drink or Pete Davidson singing about Danny Trejo, the overall episode falls into this fun new category of SNL where all bets are off.

Meaning, for once, it isn’t about being this level of “perfection” that I personally think Lorne Michaels tries to stick to. It’s about making the audience laugh, and it’s, normally, off the rails. This week, we were gifted with a beautiful look at Masterclass offerings from some of our favorite celebrities.

“This one is filled with my naughty little secrets. It’s a bit sticky, can’t open it,” Fineman says in character as Phoebe Waller-Bridge says and sets off a journey of sex jokes while journaling, while Melissa Villaseñor masters the art of John Mulaney talking about suits (and never properly tying a tie).

To be completely honest, this is the kind of Saturday Night Live I know and love. Both Fineman and Villaseñor are incredibly talented when it comes to impressions, and for a while, SNL was more about actors looking like the celebrities they were impersonating instead of actually nailing their mannerisms or the way that they speak.

If you put Melissa Villaseñor and John Mulaney side by side and had me close my eyes, I’d have a hard time telling the two apart. Twitter was also a bit fascinated over how GOOD Fineman and Villaseñor were in the sketch.

I hope next season capitalizes a bit more on Fineman and Villaseñor’s abilities to bring to life iconic celebrities with uncanny accuracy. I would like to see more of it. I would also take an entire Chloe Fineman sketch as Phoebe Waller-Bridge or a Mulaney vs. Mulaney standoff between Villaseñor and the man himself. NOT GONNA LIE.

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