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This Gamer Managed To Pull Off The Ultimate Save

A Japanese gamer has done the seemingly impossible–preserving a game save by leaving his Super Nintendo plugged in and powered on for 20 years. While this photo was originally tweeted by user Wanikun back in September, it’s been resurrected again thanks to appearances on several gaming websites.

According to the translated tweet, Wanikun estimates that his Super Famicom console (the Japanese SNES) has been running for more than 180,000 hours–but this, of course, was as of September 2015. Normally, a battery inside the game cartridge would preserve the game data–until it dies, of course. Since then Wanikun has had to keep the entire console turned on in order to prevent data loss.

He was even able to salvage his save in the middle of a move to a new home by keeping the SNES plugged in until the last minute before racing it over to its new power source. He’s convinced that allowing the console to power down will lose the replay data… but, of course, there’s no way to know for certain unless he actually does it.

Wanikun’s dedication has led other gamers to wax nostalgic about their longest gamesave; I’m sure I probably have one stored away somewhere from a few years ago in the depths of an old console that I’ve long since forgotten about, but I’m pretty sure nothing even comes close to topping the 20-year mark.

What’s the oldest gamesave you currently have?

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