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Turn Your Smartphone Into an Adorable Robot Pet Thing

If the affection of humans or animals is for whatever reason inaccessible to you, OLogic has the solution with their Oddwerx smartphone dock. Instead of charging your phone, syncing your files, or playing your music, Oddwerx gives your phone the gift of mobility. As in, it can roam around like a strange, robotic 3G-enabled creature.

Priced at around $50-60, the Oddwerx hopes to be an amusing distraction in the lower-end gadget range. In addition to the mobile chassis, the company has some pretty cute working versions of digital pets running on demo phones that can identify humans using a front facing camera and interact with them in a variety of ways. In addition to their own software, the company plans on releasing an open source API to let other developers take advantage of a truly mobile device.

Assuming you’re not too freaked out about your phone running away from you, or possibly plotting against you, read on below for a video of the Oddwerx in action.

(via IEEE Spectrum)

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