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[UPDATE] Need Help Hiding a Body? Siri Is Not the Answer.

Silly Florida Man!


On the extreme offhand chance you have a body to dispose of, please, please don’t ask Siri to help you.

A Floridian named Pedro Bravo is currently on trial for the murder of his University of Florida roommate Christian Aguilar back in 2012. New evidence introduced into the trial solidifies the accusations against him while at the same time managing to be so utterly ridiculous that you can’t help but laugh: Bravo consulted Siri on where to dump the body.

Gainesville, Florida, detective Matt Goeckel presented the evidence stating that the conversation took place the night of the alleged murder. I always get a kick out of Siri’s unwavering loyalty to her iPhone owner.


Granted, he didn’t actually say “hide a dead body” or anything, but Siri seemed to know exactly what he meant based on the answers. The police back this up by saying “the Siri conversation between Bravo and his phone happened on Sept. 20, 2012. Goeckel also said Bravo’s flashlight was on nine times and used for over 48 minutes on that date as well.” It all fits well within the timeline of the murder and only serves to further implicate him.

I guess this is just another case of “Florida Man” striking again!

[UPDATE] WUFT in Florida released an update on the case debunking some bits of misinformation that were going around. First of all, while Pedro Bravo and Christian Aguilar were friends, they were not roommates. The other mistake was that the Siri search presented as evidence was not actually performed by Bravo himself. While it did appear on his phone, it wasn’t in the way many of us were thinking. The photo was actually a screenshot that he had found on Facebook. The phone had then stored this image in Facebook’s cache. Bravo actually owned an iPhone 4, which meant that he did not have access to Siri.

Ben Tobias of the Gainesville Police posted a few updates on the department’s official Twitter account:

While the information itself ended up not being true, it nonetheless lead to a pretty entertaining story. I still stand by what I said initially: Don’t use Siri to hide a body!

(via Uproxx, top pic by Hadrian, “I need to hide my roommate pic” via The Palm Beach Post)

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