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Exactly One Year After a Sinkhole Opened Up Outside Mar-a-Lago, One Appears on the White House Lawn

Quick question: Does anyone actually have Buffy's beeper number?

buffy hellmouth white house sinkhole

It’s being reported that a sinkhole has appeared on the lawn of the White House, and it’s hard to know exactly what to make of that. Are memes finally gaining sentience? Has the planet finally given up on us and is trying to do itself in before Scott Pruitt gets the chance? Do we have a real-life Hellmouth situation happening? If the latter is the case, this is pretty pathetic in Hellmouth terms, but that’s actually fitting. Instead of this:

We get this:

That feels appropriate.

Though, while the sinkhole may be small and slow moving, it is reportedly right outside the White House press briefing room, and if these particular demons feed on lies, that does seem the logical place for them to camp out.

What makes all of this especially weird is that this isn’t even the first sinkhole to seemingly try to swallow up Trump. EXACTLY ONE YEAR AGO, a sinkhole appeared outside of Mar-a-Lago.

That is some serious Hellmouth demon war end-of-days madness. If I’ve learned anything from Buffy and other demon-driven fantasy fic, it’s that anniversaries of supernatural disasters are BIG DEALS.

So, quick question, does anyone actually have Buffy Summers’ pager number?


(image: 20th Century Fox)

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