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There Are No Monsters Under Your Bed, They All Died in the Freakish Sinkhole

On Monday, Inocenta Hernandez from Guatemala City had the spectacular good fortune to step out of bed and not immediately fall to her death. How is that spectacular good fortune? Well, prior to her stepping out of that bed, a monstrous 40-foot-deep sinkhole had opened up underneath it. Awoken in the middle of the night by a loud bang, Hernandez had gotten out of bed and gone outside, thinking there had been a car crash. After a gentlemen informed her that the sound had actually come from her home, she eventually discovered the impromptu death-pit that had spawned beneath her as she slept.

Lucky for her, the sinkhole appeared squarely underneath the bed in such a way as to avoid disrupting anything in a dangerous way. A half a foot in any direction could have meant a disastrously different outcome. The area is no stranger to sinkholes, but this one still stands out in its freakishly pin-point, but oddly benign accuracy. Looks like someone’s got a new laundry chute.

(KTLA via Gizmodo)

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