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Sigrid Sarda and Her House of Wax [Video]

It's Aliiiiiiiiiiiive!


Allow us to warn you ahead of time: if you have a problem with extremely realistic wax figures, you’re advised against watching this video. If you’re not, and you’re merely intrigued by them, then we strongly encourage you to watch Sigrid Sarda discuss how she’s devoted herself to creating hyper-realistic wax mannequins. Partly inspired by the death masks of centuries past, Sarda discusses her penchant for wax as a “living substance,” and how people are sometimes turned off by wax figures because they have to “confront themselves.” It’s macabre, it’s ooky, it’s spooky … it’s pretty awesome. (If you have a soft spot for the very, very weird.)

(The Midnight Archive via io9)

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