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She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Season 4 Returns With New Characters, New Redesigns, and a Lot of Angst

Catra on She-Ra in her new costue

New York Comic-Con delivered some amazing news for She-Ra and the Princesses of Power fans and I was lucky enough to be there to see the magic happen. We got to see the first episode of season four, a teaser trailer, a teaser clip of an episode, and hints of a new character coming to She-Ra.

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I don’t want to spoil things for those who didn’t get to see the episode, because it will be up in a month anyway. But here’s what we care share: The new episode sets up a lot of dynamics that will carry throughout the season–most notably, Glimmer having to step up into the role of Queen now that her mother, Queen Angella is gone due to the events of the last season. Also, Catra, my sweet, sweet girl is in her Azula mode taking up more of a leading role in the Horde.

What I can say is that everyone involved behind the scenes is committed to telling a story that continues to push the boundaries of the world we’ve seen before. There is also going to be a new non-binary character named Double Trouble and they are a mercenary who ends up teaming up with Catra. As for the couple we root for but is a mess because Catra is a mess: Scorpia and Catra are also on the rocks because Scorpia is pushing back against Catra’s evilness. She’s also still bothered by Catra having lied to her about Entrapta.

Glimmer and Catra’s upgraded looks are also noted in the poster. Catra looks (sounds of fangirling escape) good and the new design show how far she’s going to reject her past and forge a new future. Same with Glimmer, who is taking on a slightly more mature look. Bow and Adora are going to have to adjust to this new dynamic in their friendship.

One thing that creator, Noelle Stevenson mentioned in my speaking with her is that in her new role as Queen, Glimmer is out for blood and is dipping more into darkness wanting revenge for her mother. Glimmer is willing to go further than Angella ever did.

It’s about to bonkers. But just remember, we’re gonna win in the end. We must be brave.

What are you excited about in season four?

(image: Netflix)

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