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Sharp Is Building A Phone With 3D Camera, 3D Screen; No Need For Glasses

Sharp, the Japanese tech manufacturer, is taking a page from Nintendo’s book. Well, technically, they’re reusing the page that they added to Nintendo’s book in the first place. An upcoming Sharp phone is slated to have a 3D screen that requires no 3D glasses for viewing. Hopefully it has the 3D slider feature of the Nintendo 3DS, which proved quite helpful at E3. But, also like the 3DS, the phone will have a 3D camera. Not surprising considering Sharp technology was the source of the upcoming Nintendo handheld’s own impressive camera.

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It’s been reported that this Sharp camera could shoot high quality, 3D video. If that’s the case and Sharp gets this out on the market in an otherwise capable phone before the competition does, that could prove to be a major novelty selling point. Not everyone is going to have their 3DS with them all the time, and a lot of average non-geeks won’t have a 3DS at all, but people always have their phones. I also eagerly await the advent of 3D cell phone games. Because 3D would really take Diner Dash to the next level.

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