Which Is Better, Film or Digital? Shanks FX Wants You to Guess

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More and more filmmakers are using digital nowadays, and common rhetoric dictates that this is a bad thing, if only because we’ll miss out on the way film “feels” in relation to the way digital feels when viewing it. But can you tell the difference between film and digital without being prompted? Check out this video to test your knowledge.

In order to make this video, PBS Digital Studios’ Joey Shanks took different footage of the same objects and effects with a Canon 5d (Full Sensor) digital camera and a Canon 7E (35mm) film camera, and then put the clips up next to each other for a side-by-side comparison. To the untrained eye, it’s a lot harder to spot the difference than you might think.

Either way, they both look pretty cool. Of course, we’re still pretty amazed by some of the technical effects that you might find in a lower-budgeted episode of Deep Space Nine, so we might not be the target audience for this kind of thing. Also, remember how great Deep Space Nine was? Seriously, that show is underrated as a Star Trek property. Anyway, um, film, amirite guys?

(via Shanks FX on Youtube)

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