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Shame Begone Lets You Outsource Your Delicate Emails


Shame Begone, created by co-founder of The Awl Choire Sicha, and Entertainment Weekly senior writer Sara Vilkomerson, is a service that allows people to outsource their delicate emails. Whether said emails are embarrassing, important, or are meant for a type of person that requires a very specific, special kind of tact, Shame Begone will write that delicate email for you. You know, the one containing a message so delicate you should probably deliver it in person instead.

Just visit their page, fill out the small questionnaire describing your situation, name your price, and the team will get back to you by either letting you know that they cannot take on your delicate message, or with their handcrafted message you can pretend you wrote. Everything about this seems to be real, though the site seems quickly thrown together, and coupled with the actual concept, I would take the service’s legitimacy with a grain of salt. Also, you probably don’t want strangers composing your delicate messages, but hey, there’s probably a large group of people who fear writing said messages more than most things.

(Shame Begone via Gizmodo)

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