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Is There Really a Sexy Mr. Rogers Costume??

Welcome to 2019.

There's a sexy Mr. Rogers costume which... wait what?

Remember Yandy, the makers of the sexy Handmaid’s Tale Halloween costumes? They’re back this year with even weirder costumes, including a Sexy Plant Based Burger and a Sexy Tariff look that seem ridiculous, but I’m sure people will buy because they keep putting out costumes every year. However, outside of the usual slew of costumes both ridiculous and offensive, there’s one that took the cake as being the weirdest and worst.

Who wants to dress up as a sexy Mr. Rogers? Because to be honest, that’s never been a top Halloween pick for me.

One might find this reaction to be Puritanical, but mostly, it’s just confusion. I want to be a fly on the wall of the board meeting where Yandy executives got a pitch for a sexy Mr. Rogers costume and then, after discussion, decided to go ahead with it. Seriously, what was that conversation like? “You remember everyone’s childhood hero. Let’s take that, and subtract most of the fabric.”

This isn’t even an offensive costume, not like the myriad of racist costumes they’ve previously had or the sexy Handmaid’s Tale costume. It’s just weird, in that patented 2019 “we live in the darkest timeline” way. Of course there’s a sexy Mr. Rogers costume in 2019. Of course there is.

Naturally, this is probably also designed to get us talking and clicking, so by pointing and laughing at the sexy Mr. Rogers costume, we’re giving them exactly what they want. All publicity is good publicity, as the saying goes. We’re just perpetuating an endless cycle, which would be easy to ignore if the concept of a Mr. Rogers costume wasn’t so god damn bizarre. Seriously, who came up with this one?

In the end, who am I to judge the sexy Mr. Rogers costume? If you want to dress up as an adult version of a beloved children’s television icon, puppets in hand, that’s your prerogative. Live your dreams, sexy Mr. Rogers cosplayers. I’m just personally relishing the amount of times I get to say “sexy Mr. Rogers” in this article, because that’s not something you get to write every day. There are plenty of other things to be angry about with Yandy and the world. I’m just going to sit here and imitate that white guy blinking gif every time I remember this is a thing, and maybe hate-browse Yandy to see what other hellish creations they’ve made.

(image: Yandy)

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