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What If You Were Having Sex During the Snap and More Thoughts

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Sometimes, I like to think about the Snap and all the things people were doing when it happened. Eating breakfast, watching television, having sex, in the middle of open-heart surgery; so many possibilities. With that comes the knowledge that when Bruce Banner snapped his fingers and brought everyone back, they ended up coming back into their exact same locations (Spider-Man: Far From Home taught us this). So, how many people came back with their chests open in a rundown field because the hospital they were in had been destroyed?

We know from Far From Home that you ended up in the same place, because May talks about appearing in her home and a new family was living there. So, with that logic, we can surmise that so many people in the world (and worlds across the galaxy) are either snapped back to life and instantly dead because, you know, surgery, or someone who was pregnant and had their baby snapped is suddenly pregnant again without any warning. What happened to those airplanes falling from the sky, and cars crashing, when people returned all at once? These are the things the MCU doesn’t want us to think about.

At the time, it was hard to think about these things, because many of us were concerned more about the Avengers and making sure that our favorite characters came back. But now, thinking about the Snap can result in going down a rabbit hole of “So if you were having sex and just you got snapped, would you suddenly get snapped back to life and be naked and horny?” or, at least that’s the case if you’re me.

I’m not alone. Speculative tweets like this one have been circulating on Twitter since the movie, and I feel it’s time they are finally addressed.

Like, for example, back to that plane, you’re on a plane and got snapped, the plane, obviously, didn’t get snapped so does that mean that you just come back to life to freefall to your death? How many people came back to life just to die again because no one thought about how much the world had changed?

Sure, maybe Bruce Banner snapped his fingers and thought “Bring everyone back safely, let those who were having sex be wearing clothes and those who were in surgery or planes be somewhere else now,” but I think he had more important things on his mind and wasn’t thinking about these instances.

Let’s look at a shark attack, my least favorite thing in this world. Say you’re swimming, a shark is like “nom on these legs” and then the Snap happened. You vanish, the shark moves on because you’re not there and swims away. When you come back, do you just have no leg and you’re bleeding out in the ocean? Do you have to save yourself and hope for the best?

I have further questions, such as: what happened to all those people who were mid-death when the Snap happened and came back? Are they still dying because then I’d be like “just take me back to the Snap world, dear lord.”

We’re probably never going to get answers and that’s fine, but if you were on the toilet when the Snap happened, I’m sorry that you came back to life five years later with your pants around your ankles in someone else’s home.

What’s the wildest Snap-unSnapped situation that comes into your mind?

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