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I Have Serious Questions About These Roseanne and Will & Grace Revivals

Revival here, revival there, revivals everywhere! Yep, this season is all about bringing back the shows you loved and seeing if the old crew still has the magic. We recently had our first look at Will & Grace in a trailer that featured an elaborate musical number. Plus, it was just announced that new episodes of Roseanne were ordered along with some big changes. While both sound intriguing, I have some serious questions.


The sitcom ran from 1988-1997 and centered on a working-class family in Illinois. During the final season, it was revealed that the show was a semi-autobiographical story by Roseanne Conner with some events being changed. In a shocking twist, Dan (played by John Goodman who was filming The Big Lebowski at the time) had actually died following his heart attack in season 8 and he was written in afterward as a way for her to cope. When the series returns to ABC, Dan will somehow be alive. Uh … sure.

  1. How will they explain his being alive? Per Deadline, Roseanne joked back in 2009 that he could have faked his death. I mean, I guess it could work, but that’s such a lazy explanation. Do you think they can come up with something better?
  2. Do we even want this show? I mean, is anyone really asking for more Roseanne after her questionable political views? Well, maybe the people who regularly watch Fox News (and read a certain conservative website that shall not be named), but I feel like they wouldn’t be the target audience.
  3. What story is there left to tell?

Will & Grace

This sitcom starred Debra Messing and Eric McCormack as interior designer Grace and corporate lawyer Will who share an apartment in earlier seasons. They are often joined by close friends Karen Walker (played be Megan Mullally) and Jack McFarland (played by Sean Hayes). In the series finale, Will and Grace grew apart and didn’t talk for years until their kids met up in college. Off the heels of that awesome presidential election skit, the show is scheduled to return for a limited 12-episode run and it’s unclear where in the timeline it will fall. But also:

  1. Will the show retcon that horrible ending?
  2. Will it still be funny?
  3. Will it still feature the same gay stereotypes and racist jokes?

Out of the two shows, I’m definitely checking for Will & Grace the most. Despite its flaws, I love that show and think it can still be good. Roseanne, on the other hand, feels like a closed book that needn’t be reopened.

What are your thoughts on this?

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