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Guess Who’s Co-Starring In Karen Gillan’s New Sitcom? Hint: It’s John Cho


It is a scientific fact that John Cho makes everything better. I saw a Tumblr post about it, and Tumblr’s relationship with accuracy is iffy at best, but in this case it’s spot on. Selfie, congratulations. You’ve been Cho-sen.

Selfie, for those who don’t read and commit to memory every single thing we post (how dare you), is an upcoming ABC sitcom starring Doctor Who‘s Karen Gillan as Eliza Dooley, a social media-obsessed woman who gets Internet famous after a video of a humiliating breakup goes viral. As you might have deduced from the name “Eliza Dooley,” the show is a modern-day take on My Fair Lady. Cho, as the show’s male lead, will play “self-assured, successful marketing expert Henry, who is a different breed from today’s social media-addicted society. As a challenge, he decides to ‘remarket’ his coworker Eliza.” So he’s Professor Higgins, basically. Can there be sing talking? I want sing talking.

If the idea of Sulu teaching Amy Pond the correct way to Tweet doesn’t send you into raptures… well, me neither. “Social media sitcom” doesn’t really do it for me as a concept. But. That cast. For my animation fans, Allyn Rachel, aka the voice of Bee in Bee and Puppycat, will also be in the show, as will Tim Peper, Tony nominee Da’Vine Joy Randolph, and Homeland‘s David Harewood. The showrunner is Emily Kapnek, creator of Suburgatory and one-time Parks and Recreation producer.

Now we just have to sit quietly, cross our fingers, and hope the pilot gets picked up. I’m of two minds, because while the idea of Gillan and Cho starring in a show together fills me with an effervescent sort of glee, I’ll be sad if he has to leave Sleepy Hollow. Remember, Cho’s character finished up the first season undead and trapped in George Washington‘s secret tomb (shut up, it makes sense), so he could easily come back… if Selfie doesn’t get him.

Oh, screw it. Amy Pond, I’ll give Andy Brooks up for you, and for the possibility of a higher volume of John Cho on my TV screen.

(via: The Hollywood Reporter)

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