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San Diego Comic-Con 2014: While You Were Sleeping, Part 2

Nesting dolls! They made nesting dolls!

Good morning, nerds! As those of us who live east of the Rockies slept, Comic-Con raged on. We’ll be continuing our coverage throughout the day, but first, we’ve assembled a few overnight highlights for your bleary eyes. To wit: Orphan Black fans are great! Teen Wolf is coming back! The Avengers taught George R.R. Martin how to kill! And…wait, what’s that about an Evil Dead TV series?

    • Yesterday’s Orphan Black panel sounds like it was one massive love-fest. Pretty much everyone — Tatiana Maslany included — ended up in tears. Clone Club, you’re the best. (via POPSUGAR)


  • Rejoice, Teen Wolf fans! Executive producer Jeff Davis has confirmed that the series has been renewed for a fifth season. Additionally, series newcomer Dylan Sprayberry (Liam) will be returning as a regular. (via The Hollywood Reporter)



  • The biggest news from yesterday’s Screen Gems panel came courtesy of Sam Raimi, who announced that he and his brother are writing an Evil Dead TV series. If all goes well, they plan on having Bruce Campbell on board, too. (via Blastr)



    • If you want someone to blame for George R.R. Martin’s penchant for killing characters, look no further than the Avengers. In a short interview with Marvel Entertainment, Martin credited The Avengers #9 with teaching him that grey moral areas are interesting, and that unexpected deaths can spark a “huge emotional reaction.” Thanks, Marvel. You can watch the full interview above, complete with Martin getting adorably indignant over Ant-Man.


  • Marvel also sat down with Spider-Verse writer Christos Gage, who talked about the challenges of teaming up Miles Morales with Old Man Spidey.



  • Rob Thomas has a very good reason for not previewing the iZombie pilot as scheduled: it’s not finished yet. Some of the roles are being recast, and they’re in the process of reshooting. The audience didn’t go away entirely empty-handed, though. A 15-minute cut of the pilot was shown in its place. (via The Wrap)



  • NASA’s Mission to Mars panel was jam-packed, with many sad-faced space enthusiasts left out in the hallway. The panel included astronaut Buzz Aldrin and NASA systems engineer Bobak Ferdowsi (aka Mohawk Guy), and was moderated by Seth Green. Word on the street is that the session was everything an aspiring Martian colonist could hope for. (via io9)


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