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Scumbag Steve Spinoffs


Purveyors of Internet culture that we are, we’ve seen lots of “Scumbag Steve” images floating around the Internet over the past three or so weeks, but we refrained from posting about him. Though it turns out that Blake Boston, the real-life guy in the photo (which was taken by his mom when he was 16) has said he’s cool with the meme’s propagation, it’s always a little weird when the Internet seizes a picture of a random civilian and uses it for its own nefarious ends, disregarding the person underneath.

However, the spinoffs that have emerged from the Scumbag Steve meme are arguably funnier than the original. Throw Steve’s trademark brown hat on Sauron, Han Solo, or elemental oxygen, and you’ll soon realize what jerks those guys are.

1. Scumbag Sauron (via)

2. Scumbag Amerigo (via)

3. Scumbag Cera (via)

4. Scumbag Dog (via)

5. Scumbag Renaissance Guy (via)

6. Scumbag Leno (via)

7. Scumbag Mubarak (via)

8. Scumbag Shepherd (via)

9. Scumbag Solo (via)

10. Scumbag Son (via)

11. Scumbag Steam (via)

12. Scumbag Oxygen (via)

13. Scumbag Moon (via)

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