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Scuba Divers Use Sony Readers at Depths of 300 Feet

It’s always good to know how much punishment your mobile devices can take. I make a point of finding the limit of all my devices, usually by spending their entire lifespans abusing them until they inevitably break. If you’ve got a Sony Reader PRS 300, you can take it 300 feet underwater because professional divers Mark Thurlow and Robin Jacoway do, and it works just fine.

While that’s the basic concept, it’s a little misleading so, allow me to explain. The reason the readers can work under such pressure is that they are fitted with a custom-machined, metal casing created by GATES, underwater housing specialists. Also, this doesn’t say much about the durability of that particular model of Sony Reader because it was chosen chiefly for its small size; it can fit into a suit pocket during the dive. Not that you have any use for one anyways, but the beefy cases are not available for purchase yet. Who knows if they ever will be. Still, good to see that the eReader industry is thriving at 300 feet under.

(via Ubergizmo)

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