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Baymax Actor Scott Adsit Shares His Favorite Story About Playing the Character

Baymax on Disney+

Big Hero Six was the kind of movie that left you just uncontrollably sobbing and wishing that you had your very own Baymax to hug. And a huge part of that comes down to Scott Adsit’s performance as the lovable healthcare robot who just wants to help. And in a new series called Baymax! on Disney+, we get to see Baymax doing what he was designed to do: help people.

Baymax is designed to be a healthcare robot, and while that might not seem like the best basis for his show, it really is, given the last few years we’ve all had and the superhero that we know Baymax to be. The series is just shorts of Baymax helping people and doing what others need, and it feels nice to see him just … be there and be of assistance. It’s what we’ve come to know and love Baymax for throughout the years, and it’s nice to have him back!

At the Baymax! press conference, hosted by the ever-charming Jenny Lorenzo, my question was for Adsit because, while it is a vocal performance, he is known as Baymax to the adults who flocked to see Big Hero Six. So, I asked what has been his favorite response to him as the character, and his answer was surprisingly sweet.

“Well, sometimes I’ll get parents coming with their children, come up to me, and they’ll look at me and my face and my graying beard, and they don’t know who I am,” Adsit started.  “And then I do the voice for them, and they know immediately. And I’m six foot two, and I’m a lot taller than most 4-year-olds, and I think it would be intimidating or weird for this face to come down and say, you know, Baymax words to them.”

He went on to talk about the children he gets to meet and their reaction to hearing Baymax speak to them. “And they just light up, and they get so excited, and they see right through this and hear Baymax,” he said. “And I feel like I am Baymax in that moment. It’s just very magical, and it’s a very rarified place to be, so I’m really appreciative of it.”

Baymax! is on Disney+ and is a wonderfully cute show to watch if you love Big Hero Six.

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