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We’re Looking for an Entry-Level Science Writer in New York’s Soho

Come write about amazing science for us.

Help Wanted

Geekosystem is looking for an ambitious, energetic science enthusiast and newshound to cover all aspects of science from synthesizing the driest of academic journals for the masses to finding the most ridiculous Youtube experiments. If that sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you.

The person we’re looking for should thrive on making science a breaking news beat and a great read, regardless of one’s science inclinations. Can you get everyone as excited about the Higgs boson as you are?

This position will be responsible for writing stories using any and all of the tools of digital storytelling: words, video, pictures, social interactions, book excerpts, you name it.  Is it fascinating?  Is it what people are talking about? Is it what people should be talking about? Can you advance the story? Can you find the nugget of interest that no one else has discovered? Then publish it. Fast!

Requirements: You should have a solid understanding of the world of science and scientists, including prominent thought leaders, publications and trending topics. You should thrive under pressure, and excel when stress levels are at their highest. You should also know how Twitter, user-generated content, and viral videos are shaping the news cycle.

To apply: Send an email to [email protected] with your resume and cover letter explaining why you’re suited for the position. It wouldn’t hurt to tell us about your favorite movie mad scientist either. Please include links to articles you’ve written and edited.

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