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Schitt’s Creek Drops the Trailer for The Crows Have Eyes and It’s Perfect

"And you better not look them in it!"

Much to our collective dismay, Schitt’s Creek is ending its run after six hilarious and heartfelt seasons. Losing the show is definitely a blow to fans everywhere, but Dan Levy and company are making the most of their final season by giving us treats like the trailer for Moira Rose’s horror film The Crows Have Eyes 3: The Crowening.

The trailer shows Moira and her lab assistant walking through the woods, when it suddenly gets dark. A voice-over intones, “There was a time when the crows were our friends.” Her assistant wonders if it is a solar eclipse, but it’s the CROWS! Moira’s Dr. Mandrake inserts caws into her speech, as she proceeds to bird out in the ensuing chaos.

We also learn the tagline of the film: “The crows have eyes, and you better not look them in it!” It is short, sweet, and absolutely perfect. I could honestly watch Catherine O’Hara scream “Those are BIRDS!” on a loop.

We were first introduced to The Crows Have Eyes in the premiere of season 5, when Moira Rose (Catherine O’Hara) travels to Bosnia to film the third installment in a series of ridiculous horror films. In the films she plays Dr. Clara Mandrake, a “respected orinthologist” who becomes a mutated crow woman.

Moira takes her role very seriously, much to the annoyance of the checked-out director, but she eventually wins him over. Soon enough, Moria’s enthusiasm takes over and the crew can’t resist her commitment to the role. Season 5 ended with TCHE3 shelved, which causes Moira so much anguish that she locks herself in the closet.

Moira is so devastated that she swears off acting, until she hears that TCHE3 has been picked up by new streaming service Interflix. In a delightful bit of promotion from The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), Interflix has its own Twitter account, where they tweet press releases and memes from the film:

Interflix has also picked up other selections from Moira’s catalogue, including Not Without My Cousin, One Crazy Summer: The Patty Hearst Story, and Shoes, Glorious Shoes: The Imelda Marcos Story.

Fan of Schitt’s Creek have responded to the trailer on social media:

Now, what is it going to take for us to get a music video of “A Little Bit Alexis”? Come on Schitt’s Creek, give the people what they want.

(image: screengrab/CBC)

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