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The Cast of Schitt’s Creek Talks the Final Season! My Tears!

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Schitt’s Creek is the beautiful slow-burn of a television show that has warmed our hearts for the last five seasons. And now, as we head into the sixth and final season, we’re reminded of how much we love the Rose family. While the first two episodes of season six have already aired, it hasn’t really hit me yet that this is the beginning of the end, especially because the U.S. wave of obsession just started last year.

Many of us took to our couches over the holidays in 2018 and binged the show prior to its season 5 debut. And then, to learn that season 6 would be its last? Color all us newbies shocked! That being said, listening to the cast talk about this show is one of the most beautiful things one can do. I had the pleasure of going to the AOL Build panel that Annie Murphy, Catherine O’Hara, Dan Levy, and Eugene Levy did, and talking from the fall and rise of the Roses to David and Patrick and more, everything about this show comes from a place of love.

Focusing first on David and Patrick, they are a refreshing couple in the world of television for a number of reasons—one being that the show never made them being together a topic of bad blood among the townspeople of Schitt’s Creek. There was just a celebration of how much the two loved each other. The moment that hit the hardest for me (and for a lot of fans) was when Patrick sang “Simply The Best” for David (who then later danced to it for Patrick).

The reason it’s so moving is simple: It’s just an act of love, which is, at its core, what makes Schitt’s Creek so special. A show about rich, elitist assholes who lose all their money and have to live in a town they bought as a joke shouldn’t tug at our hearts, and yet, this beautiful show does. And now, into its last season, it’s sharing the love we’ve given it back with the fans.

At the AOL Build event, I asked Dan Levy about his father’s hatred of having his hair wet (something Dan and Eugene Levy have spoken about before) and how the start of season 6 had Johnny Rose soaking wet for no reason. Apparently, I hit on something we’ll see frequently throughout the season, because Dan Levy pointed out that there were lots of little odes to things that fans noticed in season 6.

You can see his response to my question here at about the 28-minute mark.

Schitt’s Creek may be coming to an end, but I think the lesson of the show is what’s going to stay with us long after it has finished. That love we feel watching it, the lesson that we can find someone who loves us like Patrick loves David (and vice versa), and how we can always change and find ourselves even when the world feels like it is dragging us down will stay with us long after season six, and I can’t wait to see what each member of this beautiful cast does next.

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