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Schitt’s Creek Finale Reminds Us Why It’s, Well, Simply the Best

David and Patrick on Schitt's Creek

**Spoilers for the series finale of Schitt’s Creek lie within.**

“Simply the Best,” by Tina Turner, has been something of an anthem to fans of Schitt’s Creek—a love theme, if you will, for the couple that made so many of us fall in love. David Rose (Dan Levy) and Patrick Brewer (Noah Reid) found love in this little town, and it hit home to fans that love comes in all forms—and the way that David looks at Patrick will never not make my heart flutter. (Truly, I’m going to show a picture of Dan Levy looking at Noah Reid to my kids and tell them that’s what falling in love looks like.)

But the song really does have a place in our hearts, just like it does for Patrick and David. It started when Patrick serenaded David in front of his friends and family, and made David (along with all of us) cry.

And then, to show his love for Patrick in return, David got over himself and danced to it.

But last night, during the finale for the show, the song came full circle—and honestly, it was … well … simply the best way to bring this song back into the show. As Alexis Rose (played by Annie Murphy) walked her brother down the aisle (and she had a wedding dress on, because it’s Alexis). And as David walked towards Patrick, the Jazzagals sang the Tina Turner hit for our favorite couple once more.

There are finales of shows that stay with us and give a beautiful sendoff to their characters, and I’m proud to say that Schitt’s Creek is among the most amazing. The Rose family grew in a way that surprised us all, changing from a family completely dedicated to their wealth and own status into characters who cared about each other and the small town they were forced to move to.

Sure, the show ended with the Rose family separated, but they are more together than they ever were at the start of the show. There’s a moment this season when Alexis points out that there was an entire year where they didn’t see each other, but now, especially since she actually cares about her parents and brother, she’s upset by the prospect of not seeing her family every day.

What’s beautiful, though, is that the show doesn’t make it so that Alexis goes where her family does or make David just follow his sister. The kids separate, Moira and Johnny go back to Los Angeles, and everyone is growing up and doing what’s best for them, which is how life works.

This beautiful show might be over, but we’ll always have “Simply the Best” to make us cry without warning.

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