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Twitter Has Spoken: College Is THE Scam We Just Can’t Stop Indulging

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The world is filled with scams, and half the time, we’re well aware of being scammed and just continue on participating. Why? Because it’s just what we do and seeing how many people recognize certain things are scams is hilarious and truthful, and maybe something we should take a bit more seriously, but oh well!

When one Twitter user asked for others to name things that are scams they’re aware of but use anyway, many took to Twitter to share hilarious takes and moments of clarity. The tweet in question brought up “incognito mode,” something used on web browsers as a privacy setting that most definitely is a scam.

But then, the replies got real—meaning that most everyone recognized that college is, in almost every way, a scam—no, really, so many responses were just talking about the price of an education and how college is a scam, and yet we all go and get ourselves in debt, and for what? So we can read V for Vendetta in a British Literature class? (A very real thing that I did in college.)

Honestly, the number of responses saying some variation of “college” or education is truly so funny and true.

Other responses varied from skincare routines to social media and beyond, but the amount of people on Twitter who recognize that higher education is a scam? Beautiful, incredible—mainly because … it is. I spent probably over $50k to go study performance theatre in the mountains, where one of my classes was “movement” and we just … swayed for an entire class at one point. If you explain college like that, then yes, it does sound just like a scam.

It’s a funny and honest trend, and when you stop and look at a lot of “scams” in your life, you realize that you just keep doing the things you know are probably just taking your money from you, and yet here we all are. So, when I end up spending money to go to grad school at some point and wasting more money on the scam that is higher education, I’m going to remember this and just sigh at myself because … when will we all learn, am I right?

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