Jason David Frank as Tommy Oliver in the Power Rangers series

Saying Goodbye to ‘Power Rangers’ Star Jason David Frank

As a child of the ’90s, it has been a rough time. Recently, we have lost our Batman, Mrs. Potts, a complex but huge pop icon, and many, many more. Now we also have to say goodbye to Jason David Frank, better known as Tommy Oliver, the Green Ranger in the hit series Power Rangers.

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I can not even begin to explain how much I loved Power Rangers as a child. For all its behind-the-scenes flaws, it was one of the times I got to see a Black man in what was essentially a live-action anime. I would be glued to the screen, watching. I asked my mom for a Yellow Ranger birthday cake and still own the figurine she put atop the cake. Like many, I have my crushes and Tommy was a huge one for me. He was cool, and the fact that the Green Ranger was such a mysterious figure at first added to that. Watching him turn into the White Ranger and then finally become the Red Ranger in Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie was such a big part of my childhood viewing. I watched Power Rangers all the way up until Wild Force. But whenever I heard Tommy might appear, I’d make sure to check in.

The character was only meant to be a one-off but went on to become, in many ways, the face of the franchise. He would go on to appear in more than 200 episodes of the series, most recently in Power Rangers Ninja Steel. Sadly, Frank is not the only member of the original Power Rangers team to have passed away too soon. In 2001, actress Thuy Trang—who played the Yellow Ranger, Trini Kwan—died in a car accident.

Jason David Frank’s passing was confirmed by Justine Hunt, his manager, on Sunday. He was 49 years old and is survived by his four children.

(via AP News, featured image: Saban Entertainment/Toei Company)

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