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Sarah Silverman Gets Serenaded by a Unicorn [Video]

Highly Successful Marketing Strategies

Okay, first we’ll acknowledge that this is (inexplicably, maybe magically) part of an advertising campaign for Juicy Fruit. Does that mean you should discount this awesome, epic power ballad love story betwixt Sarah Silverman and a unicorn? No.

You guys, I got emotional about this. This is a relationship we’re watching unfold. We love our significant others, but sometimes … sniff … sometimes it’s just too hard. Because we’re so different. Like we’re two different species. But then we realize how much we love each other (and mix tapes), and we look past our differences, and we make it work.

If Sarah Silverman and this unicorn puppet can make it work, so can you. So can you. Power ballad-style. (Because that’s the best style.)

(Best Week Ever)

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