Woman Wearing Same Dress for Six Months, for a Good Cause

Previously, we covered a guy who wore the same jeans for over a year in the name of science. Now, a Colorado woman has vowed to wear the same dress for six months in the name of charity, specifically The Daughter Project. As of this writing, Amy Seiffert has reached the halfway point in her effort to raise awareness for sex trafficking in the United States. This is a great idea! She’s like the Seth Brundle of good causes.

So, how exactly does this kind of project work? Rather than spend money on new clothes, Seiffert reworks clothes she already owns, centered around the same dress. (Which she can, and does, wash.) The money she would have spent is donated, and the attention she gets from her fundraising stunt is directed towards The Daughter Project. So far, the reaction she has received is positive, though there’s no information yet on how much she has raised.

Seiffert says that she was shocked when rampant sex trafficking was uncovered in the United States. The Bowling Green, Colorado native says:

“I had no idea there was sex slavery in my own backyard,” said Seiffert. “I think I was overwhelmed to realize that in 2006 in a rescue bust in Philadelphia there were 150 rescued. Over 50% that were rescued were from Toledo.”

The funds will help build a home for The Daughter Project and a Land Dedication Celebration is planned for February 27 in Bowling Green. Seiffert started wearing the dress November 15 and plans to wear it every day until May 15.

The dress itself has experienced some wear and tear, and may also be subject to stretching — she also just found out she’s pregnant!

(Amy Seiffert via Fox Toledo via Neatorama)

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