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Neil deGrasse Tyson Gets Sailor Pluto Fired In This Pitch-Perfect Sailor Moon Parody

C'mon, Haruka's the one who drives everyone around.

Hey, science nerds: want to annoy a Sailor Moon fan? Ask them what Sailor Pluto’s going to do now that her guardian planet has been demoted, because they’ve definitely never heard that joke before (and then sit there while they spend an hour explaining star seeds to you, because you deserve it). Or, we could all save ourselves the trouble by watching this video, in which Fox’s Animated Domination Hi-Def has basically delivered the definitive sketch about Sailor Pluto’s inevitable obsolescence.

Also, let’s be real for a second: does any senshi give less of a crap about what Earth thinks of her than Sailor Pluto does? She exists outside of time and space and will continue to do so long after Neil deGrasse Tyson has shuffled off this mortal coil and succumbed to the dust. Oh, yeah, and, she may or may not also already be dead too. It’s hard to tell with her. She’s, like, Schrodinger’s sailor scout.

(via io9)

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