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What We Want to See From a DCEU The Flash Movie

Please just let it be good.


Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) realizes who the Batman is in Justice League.

There are new rumors that The Flash’s standalone movie will be filmed this year (which seems weird since I didn’t even know the script was finished), so the time has probably come to start talking about what we’d like to see in a Flash movie.

For the sake of ease, I’m going to assume the Flashpoint Paradox is off the table, as it would involve getting the entire gang back together and who knows where Cavill stands re: returning to the DCEU. Instead, let’s assume that Barry will get his own movie that stands alone as his own movie, rather than being in a team-up again.

First things first, do not recast Barry. Ezra Miller is a damn near perfect Barry Allen, and was one of the strongest parts of Justice League. Miller captures Barry’s awkwardness perfectly, balancing humor and heart well. If Barry gets more to do than mostly serve as a comic relief character, I’m sure Miller—a talented actor in his own right—will deliver a strong central performance, especially since he’s already passionate about the character.

Please, don’t recast Iris West either. Kiersey Clemons is a charming actress and I was bummed she was cut out from the final version of Justice League. Don’t recast her, Warner Bros, please.

While it might be for the best to not have a full team-up movie, I wouldn’t say no to Ray Fisher appearing as Victor Stone, a.k.a. Cyborg, in the film. I’m a huge fan of Victor and I want to see him get more to do as he comes to terms with his powers. He and Barry could make a great team, and that would feel more natural inclusion than shoehorning in the entire League. Plus, Fisher is so enthusiastic about the DCEU that he deserves to make a re-appearance ASAP.

When it comes to villains, the DCEU hasn’t always been the strongest. For The Flash, they’d need to find a strong villain who could set up the larger Central City universe without necessarily treading on the toes of either the CW show or the larger DCEU if they want it to be a standalone film. Reverse Flash could be a good possibility, especially if they wanted to later do Flashpoint as a film, but he might require some time travel shenanigans.

One Flash villain is Star Sapphire, the queen of the Seventh Dimension. For the most part, comic book movies eschew female villains as their primary antagonist; Thor Ragnarok is the only comic book movie where the primary villain is a woman. Star Sapphire could break that trend. However, her goals are a bit focused on world domination, and the writers might want a more low-stakes villain for the film.

The Flash’s rogues gallery isn’t as epic as Batman’s, but he’s still got several fun villains to choose from. I’d love to see more Captain Cold, personally, but after Legends of Tomorrow, DC might want to take a breather from him.

As I mentioned above, they might want to go fairly low-stakes when it comes to the plot. Barry might not have to save the world on his own, but he can take down some other supervillain with a slightly less grandiose plan and use that to establish himself as a hero. Central City still needs saving after all. While Wonder Woman is off stopping gods and Aquaman protects the seas, Barry can protect his city.

Also, please include a joke about brunch. Barry’s dislike of brunch was the best joke in Justice League. I want more Barry vs. brunch content.

What do you want to see in a Flash movie?

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