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A Rumored Disney+ Series Will Give Us Some Superpowered Girl Goodness

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Nearly every announcement about Disney+, Disney’s upcoming streaming service, has made me excited to shell out the money to give this site a chance, which is a sign their marketing is working.

Mostly, the conversation has swirled around Marvel and Star Wars TV series, with a few Disney originals, such as High School Musical and Book of Enchantment, making the rumor rounds. We’re hearing reports of another Disney+ original from the site The Disinsider, and this show sounds like a fantastic show for teens (and those of us who love Disney).

The series, called Secret Society of Second-Born Royals, follows a fifteen-year-old girl who’s the second child of a queen discovers that her summer school is actually a secret training camp for second-born royals with superpowers. The creatives rumored to be behind it are veterans of Jane the Virgin, Insatiable, and Hannah Montana, so there’s a lot of YA cred being the scenes.

We know very little about the series outside of the logline and the possible creatives. So far, the series has not been confirmed in an official capacity, but it sounds amazing. I love the idea of exploring the siblings of ascending royals who too often play the villains in Disney films (after all, someone has to want to usurp the throne). A show with a female lead that involves Disney royalty and superpowers is exactly what I’m interested in.

This could be a fantastic addition to the Disney+ stable because of the YA appeal. All the Marvel shows and Star Wars shows will be mostly age-appropriate, given that they’re on a Disney streaming service, but those will not be traditionally young adult. Shows like Secret Society, Book of Enchantment, and the High School Musical show will be aimed for a younger audience, though plenty of adults will be drawn to the shows as well.

It’s also the first original idea in the Disney+ line-up. Both HSM and Book of Enchantment are based on existing and popular Disney properties. So far, Secret Society is not based on any original Disney ideas. It could turn out to have ties to the existing properties, but for now it stands as a new addition to the canon. This gives plenty of room for it to stand as a new idea without needing to live up to any expectations.

Again, this show is just a rumor; no official sites have confirmed its existence. However, I hope this pans out, as it sounds like a fun teen drama that could have potential. If the series is actually in development, we’ll undoubtedly learn more at the upcoming con D23. As I’ve said many times before, the upcoming panel on Disney+ is about to be the star of the show. Better get in line starting now.

(via the Disinsider, image: Disney)

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