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Chris Evans and Paul Bettany Are Obsessed With This Picture of Mark Ruffalo

OF COURSE the Avengers love awkward teen Mark Ruffalo.

captain america meme

Want some wholesome Avengers content to make your day brighter? Look no further than the Twitter accounts of Mark Ruffalo, Paul Bettany, and Chris Evans! The Avengers: Infinity War stars all decided to give each other a bit of light ribbing while also being exceptionally sweet about each other’s awkward years—which means that we’re all crying over how cute it is.

Mark Ruffalo shared what was probably seen as a harmless #TBT. We all do it, just laughing at our past selves. Looking back at what we used to be and where we’ve come to can be fun! The problem is that not all of us are friends with Paul Bettany and Chris Evans. (A problem not just for TBT but in general, honestly.)

Mark’s picture was clearly one when he was in his early teens, including his braces and wild hair.

The one who seemed to have the most fun with the pic was Bettany. From commenting on the Instagram post to sharing it on his own page and making it his profile picture, it’s clear that he really wanted to let the world know how much he loved this picture of Ruffalo—or at least loved showing it to people.

While Bettany was clearly teasing, Evans came at it being the most Steve Rogers, as usual. He very sweetly reshared the picture, stating that he wanted to be friends with Ruffalo’s younger self.

The bit didn’t seem to want to end, as Ruffalo found pictures of a young Chris Evans to share himself—and, like Evans, commented on how mad he was that he couldn’t be friends with that version of Chris Evans.

Evans took it even further by sharing Ruffalo’s tweet about his younger self with a wonderful caption about how he needed a friend, and we could no longer handle the earnest wholesomeness.

But really, it can’t end there. Not yet. Now it’s time for Bettany to bring out his awkward pictures. It’s only fair.

(image: Marvel Entertainment)

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