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Long Exposure Light Paintings Made With Roombas

You know those nifty long exposure photos of the city streets at night where all the headlights blend together? Imagine taking one in your bedroom, and the cars are Roombas, and instead of headlights the Roombas have LEDs taped to them. Well, these amazing light paintings are the result, and probably the second coolest thing you can do with your Roomba(s). After the robot uprising happens, all the cool, trendy Roombas are definitely going to have posters of these hanging in their rooms next to their docking stations. Check out a bunch more after the jump.

(via Mike Bala)

(via IBRoomba)

(via Chris Bartle)

(via Steve Doll)

(Title photo via IBRoomba, collection via Laughing Squid)

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