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Roomba Lawn Mower Given the Go-Ahead by the FCC; We’re All Doomed


The FCC has given the OK for iRobot, the company behind the Roomba, to produce robotic lawn mowers. I’m all for not having to do chores, but does the FCC not know that the Roombas have already sparked their revolution? We knew this peace couldn’t last.

But the Roomba is confined safely indoors! Now we’re going to give them deadly claws and teaching them how to go outside!? It’s like this, only on purpose:

And according to Reuters, the only problem the FCC had with this in the first place was a question of whether or not iRobot’s wireless system for keeping the robots in line (or making sure they don’t travel out of their designated yard and go on a rampage) would interfere with other devices and radio astronomy.


… I have additional concerns.

The thing is that robotic mowers already exist, but they need perimeter wires set up around the yard to keep them from getting out of their paddocks and wreaking havoc. iRobot’s wireless beacon idea is the new part, which should make things easier for humans, although to return to the Jurassic Park metaphor, I’m not sure how comfortable I am getting rid of the fences in favor of a gentle no-no beacon.

But it’s too late. The fences have been turned off. Even if we can get them back on…


(via Daily Dot, image via Rosie Rosenberger)

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